Heccies is excited to announce that CheerSport is a new program available to juniors.

CheerSport is a relatively new and up and coming sport in Australia.

CheerSport incorporates dance and cheerleading. It is an all-inclusive sport for both boys and girls that encourages active participation which is has great health benefit for the children.  A strong focus on flexibility, stretching, strength and conditioning, with a 20 min warm-up at the start of class.

Tumbling, gymnastics skills, and cheer sport basic drills (20 mins), basic cheer and dance moves for use at future Heccies Junior Football games (20 mins)

Local Heccies Parent Melanie Smith is running the new program and has over 30 years of dancing experience and is currently the director of Pure Potential. We welcome any assistance from volunteer parents that have any dance background and a Police Clearance in place.

To find out more information on the next available program, please contact Melanie Smith on 0409 999 664 or email [email protected]

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