Hi to our Hectorville Junior Tennis players & Parents

I have mentioned previously that

I would like to encourage our Junior players to play and train as a team so I have introduced a Junior Team of the month award – as a separate award for Boys & Girls Teams – for the current 2016/17 Summer season to promote the “team” effect.


In addition

As a part of the Training and playing as a team I would like all junior players to stay and Support your team mates on match day.

Some teams are already training, playing and supporting as a team but I would like the other teams to adopt the team effect.

This principle does help to improve the team on court performance.


Junior matches are usually completed within a 2hour period so please try to fit this in to your busy lifestyles.

It is not great to be the last player on court with all other players gone and it certainly does nothing for Team morale.


I usually each week contact a player or a parent from each team to see how the Match went and often need to contact others to find out the result as they have not stayed to the end of the match.

The worst-case scenario was a number of years ago and maybe at a previous club

Where the team had 5 players and it wasn’t until after I contacted the 5th player in the team that I found out the result.

All other players had left.


I would like your help to promote the team effect by

Making sure that all players wear their Club Shirt for all matches


Organising a regular (weekly) practice session for the team


Encouraging all players in the team to stay and support the team until the match finishes and maybe rotate captains weekly to sign the scoresheet after matches.


When selecting the teams weekly I will try to keep the team together wherever possible.


Enjoy your Tennis and the experience of Playing matches.


Please contact me if you have any queries.




Mobile 0403 184 383

Email [email protected]

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