Hi to all Junior Coaching pupils, Junior players and Parents

Just a reminder about the Summer Junior Tennis competition.

Are you interested or do you have a son or daughter interested in playing in the Junior Tennis competition for Hectorville this Summer? See below for further details on the levels of competition from beginners using the Orange ball through to Green ball and the other levels of competition offered for Juniors.

Junior matches are played on Saturday mornings except for the higher divisions 1 & 2 which are played on Friday nights. As a guide Juniors at the orange ball level must be able to rally a few balls and serve some balls in from the amended baseline. Green ball juniors must be able to rally the ball and serve reasonably consistently from the normal baseline.

Juniors playing in the regular competition should be able to rally and serve with some consistency from the normal baseline and they will be graded so that they play at the level appropriate level for their skills.

In addition to the guide listed above the junior players should want to play matches.

The coaching lessons and group sessions at HSCC are designed to help Juniors develop the skills required to play competition. Contact me Steve if you would like further information or would like to register by return email  for the Summer Junior competition.

I will be organising our Junior teams in the near future.


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