Hi to All Junior Tennis Parents,


You may have received a letter from your Primary School in regard to the 2016 Sports Vouchers.

The Sports Vouchers can be used in 2016 by our Juniors of Primary school age as a $50 payment toward their Hectorville Summer tennis competition fee.

The voucher can only be used once not for multiple sports or seasons during 2016.

See the voucher in “Tennis Forms” under Tennis on the Heccies Website and read the information to check if you are eligible.

In brief

The Hectorville Tennis Summer 2016/17 Summer Junior fees are

$120 with an early bird rebate of $20 if the fee is played in full by October 31st.

There is also a 15% discount if you have 3 or more playing members in your direct family.

I will send out in the near future more details about the 2016/17 Hectorville Tennis fee structure.

The vouchers can’t be used for coaching in any form.

You can send me your completed Sports Voucher(s) via email or bring it to me with your Medicare card for verification when you come to the club for training, coaching or Junior matches or contact me to arrange

a suitable time to meet.

All the Medicare numbers relevant to the Junior using the Sports Voucher must be included on the form.


Contact me if you have any queries.



Mobile 0403 184 383

Email [email protected]

Website www.stevejamestennis.com