Club Policies

There are a number of policies in place to ensure that every member and visitor to Heccies has a safe and friendly environment to play sport and enjoy their social activities.

For more information, please click on the policy name and a copy will be available for download in PDF format.

HSCC Policies:

HSCC Code of Conduct includes Safe Transport and No Smoking Policies

HSCC & OPAL Junior Sport Healthy Eating Policy

HSCC Liquor Licencing Risk Management Plan

ADF Drugs & Sport Guidelines

For weather conditions policies respective to cricket, football, netball and tennis, please refer to your association guidelines below:


Football NEMJFA


HFC Policies:

2021 HFC Junior Football Parents/Supporters/Spectators Code of Conduct (99Kb PDF)

2021 HFC Junior Football Player Rotation Policy (87Kb PDF)

2021 HFC Junior Football Finals Selection Policy (56Kb PDF)

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