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Winter 2024 Approximate Weekly Court Usage

Monday: 7pm to 10pm South Korean night on 4 courts.  Coaching 1 court until 8:30pm.  1 court available to other members.
Tuesday: 6:30pm to 10pm member tennis practice (+ opencourt) 5 courts.  1 court book-a-court.
Wednesday: 7pm to 9:30pm Hectorville doubles competition on 2 courts.  Netball 4 courts.
Thursday: 2 courts book-a-court.  Netball 4 courts.
Friday: 5:45pm to 9pm Junior Competition Tennis on 6 courts
Saturday: 1pm to 5:30pm Senior Competition Tennis on 2 courts.  Netball 4 courts
Members can book courts 1&2 for free using Book-a-court and view availability.
There is generally at least 1 court available outside these times.
Tennis should only be played between 7am and 10pm out of respect for the neighbouring residents.
Our club coach, Steve James, has been provided court access but generally before the peak time of 7pm (except for Monday)




Club Contacts

Jon Davis
[email protected]
M: 0439 849 780

Andrew Jenssen
[email protected]
M: 0435 599 400

Steve James
Junior Coordinator and
TA Club Professional Coach
[email protected]
M: 0403 184 383