Staff Resources

Below are a collection of Staff Resources documents:

HSCC Induction Presentation (PPT file 2.9MB)

HSCC Proposed Club Operation Chart (PPT file 61Kb)

HSCC Rosters Template (Excel file 16Kb)

HSCC Weekly Time Sheets Template (Excel file 36Kb)

HSCC Bullying, Harassment and Anti-discrimination Policy for 2021 (PDF file 2.2MB)

HSCC Code of Conduct Policy 2013-2021 (PDF file 330Kb)

HSCC Club House Floor Plans (PDF file 2.9MB)

HSCC Staff Tax Forms (PDF file 315Kb)

HSCC Employee Details (PDF file 95Kb)

HSCC Social Media Policy (PDF file 52Kb)

HSCC Waiting & Bar Expectations Meeting (PDF file 74Kb)